Morehead Foundry

We are excited to unveil the name of the First Multiplex here in Greensboro, NC. Formerly known as the 509 project (due to the former address being 509 Edgeworth St.), we are naming the complex Morehead Foundry. In choosing the name we wanted to tie our Southern roots, the history of Fresh.Local.Good. food group, and… Read more

Fresh.Local.Good. Growth

I am so excited to be a part of the growth that’s occurring in Greensboro, NC and with Fresh.Local.Good. food group. I have been in Greensboro for about 12 years now. I came down from Cleveland, OH in 2004 to attend North Carolina A&T State University and was intent on not staying past graduation. I… Read more

A Peek into Hush

Welcome to Greensboro’s first true speakeasy. Why do we say the first true speakeasy? In the 1920s and 30s alcohol was prohibited in the United States. There were individual states that had outlawed alcohol, however there wasn’t a nationwide ban until the 18th amendment was passed in 1919 So until December 05, 1933 you could… Read more