Fresh.Local.Good. Growth

I am so excited to be a part of the growth that’s occurring in Greensboro, NC and with Fresh.Local.Good. food group. I have been in Greensboro for about 12 years now. I came down from Cleveland, OH in 2004 to attend North Carolina A&T State University and was intent on not staying past graduation. I have family who live here so I have been coming down to “Greensboring” for Thanksgiving since 2001 and never in a million years did I expect the city to be what it is today. The Gate City is becoming such an exciting place. There are restaurants and organizations popping up everywhere all for the purpose of growing and advancing the city. The city is investing in creating parks and centers that foster unity, community, and culture. The people here are amazing and so creative. We are a city of go-getters and innovators who are not afraid to try new things and pursue dreams. Greensboro is also a city that is very socially conscious and environmentally aware. Greensboro is ripe for growth and Fresh.Local.Good. food group is in the thick of it all. 

I met my wife, who is a Greensboro native, and I got married at the Barn at Summerfield Farms in 2014. That’s how we met Lee Comer, got introduced to Fresh.Local.Good. food group, and found out that our friend Kathryn from church worked with the company. When my wife and I got married at the Barn, we never would have guessed that it would eventually lead to me becoming the Director of Marketing for the company. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with a company that seeks to grow the support of local businesses through working with local producers and farmers, that seeks to create great experiences (people still comment on the food at our wedding some 2 years later), and that seeks to foster community and change one plate at a time

. Because of the commitment to excellence, sustainability and community, Fresh.Local.Good. food group has the values that will help facilitate the spirit of growth that is moving throughout Greensboro. I couldn’t have picked a better city or a better company if I’d planned it myself.