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Fresh.Local.Good. food group is a bunch of friendly faces serving up local southern fare. Our ingredients come fresh from the farm, and we work from scratch. We don’t cut corners because we know tradition is what the south is all about. Just one experience and you’ll get to know and love what FLG is all about. So, don’t be a stranger!


It’s the first step to food done right. Not only is fresh food healthier, it tastes better. After the farm, we make sure the next stop is your mouth.


How do we keep everything so fresh? There’s no better way to achieve true southern flavor than by using Fresh.Local.Good. ingredients harvested right here in the south. Homegrown doesn’t just describe our attitude; it describes how we approach our food.


The honest truth is this: we take our sweet time coming up with original southern recipes that will make your mouth water. Good always comes from the heart. And, good means it’s okay to take your time in the kitchen.

Southern Hospitality.

Good food tastes even better when served with good manners – luckily, we do both. From backyard to ballroom, we promise to please and will thank you for the opportunity.


Though we like to keep our vendors local, our commitment to sustainability is global. Every decision we make– from our food to how we operate – is made with the environment in mind. Because change starts locally and spreads worldwide, we know we can make a difference. Help us continue doing good.

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