Welcome to Fresh.Local.Good food group. We are an organization of hospitality professionals dedicated to providing the finest local food with friendly, efficient service in a clean, current, fun atmosphere. Our relationship with our clients is based on mutual respect and genuine care. While each of us desires to rise to our full potential, it is clear that it will only occur by working as a team towards a shared, common goal of EXCELLENCE.

We all have the opportunity to grow as high as our imagination and energy will permit us. If you are dedicated to professionalism, hard work, and service, then Fresh.Local.Good. food group is the place for you!

Mission Statement:

We are an owner operated family of restaurants, catering companies, and event services. It is our mission to connect the food we serve from the farm it came from, to the people at our tables. We favor organic and North Carolina grown goods as well as farmers and producers who use time-honored methods and exceptional products. We pride ourselves in being both locally and globally responsible by recycling, reducing waste, and using eco-friendly products. We welcome opportunities to serve and connect with our community


Excellence is our standard. Every Plate. Every Service. Every Experience. Every time!

Job Descriptions:

Fresh.Local.Good. food group bartenders are an integral part of the business. Bartending is a production position and as a result requires excellent decision making and communication skills, adherence to company standards and recipes, and an energy level that exceeds that of other positions. Bartenders will be
proficient in the entire food and beverage menu as well as basic steps of service and held to the highest standards of appearance, development, quality, and service.

The Catering and Events Assistant serves as a support for theDirector of Catering and Events and Office Manager. This position can entail making sales calls, distributing menus, responding to emails and phone calls, and general office organization.

It is the dishwasher’s responsibility to keep the kitchen, restaurant, and rental company dishes, equipment, and some props cleaned and ready to use. This includes plates, glasses, silverware, pots, pans, etc. Additional job responsibilities will be managed by the Executive Chef.

Event Producers are the face of the catering and events company and responsible for selling, managing, and executing eventsencompassing a variety of venues and styles. Each event,regardless of type or style, will be managed by the Event Producer to ensure the Fresh.Local.Good. food group brand is represented. This includes upholding communication standards, deadlines, menu production and quality, event staging, and service staff. Event Producers will need to meet sales goals and review standards.

The Expeditor serves as the key contact between the kitchen/back of house staff and the front of house staff. It is the responsibility of the Expeditor to ensure orders are being cooked in good time and in the right order, that orders are filled correctly, and that plates meet company presentation standards.

The Fresh.Local.Good. food group host is the first employee to interact with arriving guests as they enter the restaurant. It is thejob of the hostess to greet arriving guests, welcome them into the restaurant and seat them.

Line cooks are responsible for preparing, setting-up, maintaining, and executing food stations based on the restaurant’s menu and needs. This can include: soups, salads, grill, sauté, and desserts.It is the line cooks duty to support and uphold the standardsestablished by the Executive Chef and the Company.

Fresh.Local.Good. food group servers are responsible for positive interactions and efficient food and beverage service. Servers are expected to be attentive to our guest’s needs by making them feel welcome, important, and relaxed.